Solo Road Trip Chronicles: From thinking to driving.

Solo Road Trip Chronicles: From thinking to driving.

It took me 6 months.

6 months to plug the courage to go on a solo road trip, sleeping in my car.

During those 6 months, I devoured an unhealthy amount of videos learning how to build a bed in a car, how to pack for a road trip, how to plan a solo trip. I gained insights from solo female travelers, and compiled safety tips for the journey.

I spent 6 months sharing my plans with close friends, affirming, 'I'm going to do it—I'm going on a solo road trip, and I have a plan.' I think I was trying to convince myself more than them.

For half a year, I measured my car hundreds of times, built a bed, acquired the necessary gear, and designed different potential routes. Asked around about cool places to go, gathered information about the region I was visiting and looked at a map over and over again. I even got myself a paper map!

And then, one day, it arrived. The day I took my fears, doubts, anxiety, and expectations (both mine and others') for a drive and, mile after mile, I left them on the road. I embraced the journey, silenced the voices in my head, and had an unforgettable adventure.

No matter how long it takes, protect your dream, set a goal, make a plan, keep working on it, keep visualising it, keep imagining it and, be prepared for when the moment to take action presents itself.