The Ocean just doesn't care =)

The Ocean just doesn't care =)

Close to 2000 miles, which means 3218.688 km, which means the distance around the UK, oh, I forgot to say, swimming, the world's longest swim. Six hours on, six hour off. Over and over again, for 160 days. Crazy. Out of scale. Amazing. Now that is a solid open water swim.

Tides, currents, waves, cold water, wind and everything in between. This is a different level. This is not only, oh, let's check the tide to see when would it be more comfortable to swim. This is: we need to get the tides right, otherwise I might be swimming backwards at a speed of ten knots (18.5 km/h). But, if you get it right, if you time it right and you have wind, and currents and tides helping you, you can be swimming at 8.6 knots, the speed of a dolphin, how cool is that?

Ross Edgley talking about his swim around the UK

In the video he talks about the Pentland Firth, north of Scotland, in the North Sea, where tides can be as fast as 16 knots (30km/h) and temperatures are not higher (if lucky) than 13 degrees. Every time I think about it and compare it (if that swim is comparable to anything) with what we do here, it blows my mind. Not only for the physical strength, but for the mental strength that is required to do such an epic adventure.

I know, this is a random post, not talking much about oceanography just because oceanography is implicit in the story and because summarises a few of the things we have already mention here.  On a side note, I so miss my cold water swims =(