Year Zero

Year Zero

I came across this concept the other day. The article was talking about "The curse of year zero". The idea behind it is that the first year of starting anything you will likely suck at it. Wether is launching a business or learning to play basketball. The first year involves a process of learning, failure, small successes, requiring substantial willpower and discipline to persevere.

If you think about it, this concept is quite liberating. It allows you to release the expectations of excelling right from the start, infusing a sense of fun and lightness into the learning experience. Approaching your Year Zero with a playful beginner's mind and using every small improvement to propel you forward becomes the focus.

The information we often get from social media can be deceptive. There are close to no overnight successes, and those who claim such success often hide the reality that success comes with hard work and lots of discipline. And that's ok.

Embracing your Year Zero will help you stay on track and push through the inevitable ups and downs that come with it. Keeping a record of your wins will remind you that you can do it, celebrating those wins will help maintain your energy, and auditing your failures will assist in reducing mistakes.

Starting something new and aspiring to improve at it is a beautiful journey. Embrace it, and you are already a little bit closer.